"And David danced before the Lord with all his might.
                                  2 Samuel 6:14
*Do you enjoy praise the Lord?
 *Are you a leader?                     
*Are you creative and daring?   
*Can you dance the "Good News to Other?

                             Then you can show the difference  

                                        Through Dance !!!

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Contact us at 1 (614) 381-7413 or sowbychristcdm2@aol.com
Sow By Christ Community Dance Ministry is made up of women, man, boys and girls (8 - up) around Ohio coming together to minister God's  words through dance as One group.  

Certificate of Honor and Awards

In 2011 Sow By Christ Community Dance Ministry the leadership of Rhoda Belton was Awarded with the Volunteer Service Award by The President of The United State Barack Obama, Spirit of Love Awarded, The Honor and Recognition Award by Mayor Michael B. Coleman City of Columbus, Youth Connections Inc, Hearcel F. Craig Columbus City Council Member and The State Of Ohio Senate for the commitment, outstanding hard-working in the community.

Come out and Support us!

Donation: We need your support so we can get a dance studio.  Thank you for your support.

we are in need of financial support in order to grow and finance these activities.